Care & Maintenance

Maintaining Your Hardwoods Doesn't Have To Be Hard


Why use WOCA Natural Soap and not your everyday cleaner from a box store? Think of it this way; if you wash your hands wearing rubber gloves, it is easy to be careless about the type of cleaner used, since they do not come into contact with your skin. What if you wash your uncovered hands because you didnt like the look or feel of rubber gloves? Suddenly, it becomes important to use cleansers that wont harm your skin. Preferably, they should not only clean, but also protect your skin to prevent it from drying out and cracking. Most of us also add lotion or moisturizer when our skin feels dry in order to protect it. THIS IS WHAT WOCA NATURAL SOAP DOES TO OIL FINISHED FLOORS!

WOCA Natural Soap is designed to clean and protect oil finished surfaces from dirt, stains and wear and tear. WOCA Natural Soap cleans and leaves behind an invisible layer of soy and coconut fats, which greatly help to ward off most anything. In fact, when used on a regular basis, WOCA Natural Soap increasingly makes your oil finished wood floor more dirt and wear resistant and easier to keep clean.

We recommend that all oil finished floors be washed with WOCA Natural Soap one week after oil application for maximum protection and wearability as described above. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Daily cleaning is done with vacuum cleaner or by sweeping. The frequency of floor cleaning depends on the wear on the floor.
  2. Natural Soap is shaken carefully before use.
  3. Mix 3 ounces of Soap into each gallon of lukewarm water. It is recommended always to work with 2 buckets; one with the Soap solution and the other one with rinse water. Clean the floor with well wrung mop and rinse dirty mop in the rinse bucket. Very dirty floors may be cleaned by leaving soap water on floor briefly in order to dissolve dirt, before mopping off the dirty soap water with a hard-wrung mop or cloth and rinsing in rinse water bucket. Change rinse water often!

Tip: If a haze is visible after the soap treatment, put a cotton cloth under a dust mop and quickly polishaway the haze.

Please note: Dont use microfiber as this will gradually wear down most wood floor finishes. If a Swiffer-type mop is used, please replace microfiber pad with cotton.


WOCA Maintenance Oil may be used for the maintenance of all oiled wood surfaces and is especially suitable for regular maintenance of oiled wood floors. Maintenance Oil is available in several colors. Product, room and floor temperature should be at least 59 degrees. Ensure good ventilation during application and drying time.

  1. Wash floor with WOCA Wood Cleaner using 3 ounces per gallon of lukewarm water. Let the floor dry completely.
  2. Shake oil container well before and during use.
  3. Apply approx. 1-2 ounces per 40-50 sq.ft. onto the floor and polish oil by hand or with floor machine.
  4. It is important that the Maintenance Oil is carefully polished into the wood. Continue polishing until the wood appears saturated and the surface looks uniform.
  5. Polish off all excess oil from floor using cotton cloths under the pad before proceeding with the next section of floor to be finished. Hand wipe all edges and corners. The floor should not appear wet and no excess oil should be left on the surface.
  6. When using a floor machine the oil will be pre-hardened after approx. 4 hours and may be cautiously taken into use. Manually polished floors after 24 hours.
  7. Do not expose floor or woodwork to water during hardening time of 24 hours.
  8. After 48 hours the floor may be treated with WOCA Soap to provide additional protection against wear and tear.

Tip: For fastest drying time, leave windows slightly open to ensure a steady flow of fresh oxygen.

Warning! Rags, pads or waste soaked with WOCA oil may self-ignite if improperly discarded. Immediately after use, place all rags and waste in a sealed, water filled bucket for proper disposal.


WOCA Oil Refresher, available in Natural and White, is used for periodic cleaning and maintenance of oiled wood floors. Oil Refresher combines efficient cleaning with oil rejuvenation, as additional oil penetrates the wood and forms a protective layer in the surface.

  1. Shake the bottle well before and during use.
  2. The floor must be free of dust before treatment.
  3. Mix Oil Refresher with lukewarm water:
    – For oxidative oiled floors: 1:20 (6 oz/gallon of water).
    – For UV-oiled and waxed floors: 1:40 (3 oz/gallon of water).
    Mixing ratios can vary depending on wear and requirement. We recommend using two buckets, one with Oil Refresher solution, the other with clean rinse water.
  4. Mop a small section of floor with a lightly wrung mop along the wood grain. Immediately afterwards, dip mop into Oil Refresher solution, wring it hard and mop the area, again along the grain. Change rinse water often!
  5. Leave the floor to dry for approx. two hours before use.
  6. For slightly higher sheen, polish the dry floor with a white pad.

Tip: If a haze is visible after the Oil Refresher treatment, put a damp cotton cloth under a floor machine and polish it off, or mop the floor with water only.

Please note: Don’t use microfiber as this will gradually wear down most wood floor finishes.