Purveyors Of Wide Plank Flooring Since 1984

From our simple beginnings in 1984 with founders, Shelley and Mike McMurry, selling unfinished wide plank flooring from their Georgia home, Authentic Pine Floors has grown into a national company servicing both coasts and everything in between.

We’re still family owned and operated, and specializing in wide plank flooring; although with a slightly more diverse product line consisting of both reclaimed and new harverst wide plank pine. Additionally, a complete selection of accessories and maintenance products are available to complement all of our floors.

Our Founders & Inspiration

“Just over 30 years ago I had a dream of wide plank flooring for my home. At the time I could only get it by the truckload; so I ordered more than I needed and sold the rest off my back porch. I did the selling and my husband, Mike, was the labor. I enjoyed, and still do, working with the customers to help them pick the perfect floor. It was crucial to me that every customer felt like part of our family!

Little did I know then that wide plank flooring would still be one of the hottest trends in flooring today. We have seen countless design styles and decors come in and out of fashion, yet our wide plank flooring has fit perfectly in them all.

While we have changed over time; our shared passion for being part of a small family-owned business, wide plank flooring and especially for treating each customer like family has not, and will never change.

We give special thanks to all our customers who have so graciously kept us in business the last quarter-century.”

– Shelley McMurry, Founder